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Lisa is a former Assistant Professor at The University of South Florida's Department of Teaching and Learning. She is also the former Director of the USF Active Gaming Research Laboratories.
Fitness Testing Devices

Fitness Testing Devices: Pedometers and Heart Rate Monitors

Assessing our students’ fitness levels is an enormous task for physical education teachers. Continue reading to see how fitness testing devices like heart rate...
Back to School

Back to School: Tips to Tackle the New School Year

It’s hard to believe another school year is right around the corner. For many teachers, the thought of getting back to it is overwhelming....
Yoga in Physical Education

Yoga: Strike a Pose in P.E.

What is a “Downward Dog”, “Child’s Pose”, or “Mountain Pose”? The answer by many would be yoga poses, which is correct. But, what is...
children running

Focus on Fitness or Intertwine Your Fitness Focus?

For many years there has been a struggle with physical education programs as to whether or not we focus on fitness or continue to...

Rainy-Day Activities to Keep Students Moving

There are some days that you're left without your gymnasium or field, so how can you keep students moving when physical education is moved...
App store screenshot

Old School Laps to Modern Apps: Part 2

Part One of Old School Laps to Modern Apps assists physical education teachers in learning what to consider when choosing a specific App for...
Physical Education Apps Poster

Old School Laps to Modern Apps: Part 1

The last blog I wrote focused on how to revitalize a physical education teacher’s curriculum using a variety of technologies. In today’s society, the use...

Revitalizing Pedagogy and Content for Today’s Generation

Teaching year after year creates a sense of confidence and maturity among children. In addition, finding activities that are successful is something all teachers...

Exergaming: Pedagogy, Play, or Pointless? (Part 2)

Part 1 of Exergaming: Pedagogy, Play, or Pointless?, discussed the concept of exergaming and what physical education teachers need to consider when choosing a technology-driven...
Student participating in exergaming

Exergaming: Pedagogy, Play, or Pointless? (Part 1)

Exergaming or Exertainment has been defined as technology-driven activities that require participants to use their bodies in order to play the game. What was once...

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