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Jessica is a Physical Education Teacher, NBCT in Moscow, Idaho. She is the 2012 National NASPE Middle School Physical Education Teacher of the Year, a National Board certified Physical Education Specialist, and served on the SHAPE Idaho board for over 7 years as President, Conference Manager and District Representative. She has and continues to travel the country providing professional development workshops and keynotes on a variety of topics.

Favorite Frisbee-Themed Invasion Games in Physical Education

From the backyard to any park, picnic, or family reunion, the frisbee is an important part of physical education programs. I use frisbee games...
Hoop Disc Targets

Target-Based Disc Games & Tips for Physical Education

Target-based disc (Frisbee) games are great lifetime, recreational activities. From the backyard to any park, picnic, family reunion, or college campus, this simple piece...
Students using technology during Strategy Sideline

3 Smart Tips for Space Management: Organizing a Versatile Learning Environment

Being able to organize my learning environment effectively helps lessons run more efficiently. An important part of this is being able to organize the...
4-S Approach to Planning Team-Based Activities or Sport

Backwards Design with the Standards in Mind: 4-S Approach to Planning Sport and Team-Based...

Curriculum mapping. Standards-based grading. Mastery-based education. Competencies. Proficiency scales. Rubrics. Assessments. Am I hitting many of the terms you are hearing emphasized in today’s...
Skill-Related Fitness Circuit

Teaching Skill-Related Fitness Concepts in All Spaces

There are two areas of fitness that must co-exists within physical education—health-related and skill-related. My students enjoy activities that challenge any of the six...
Equipment Organization Tips

10 Equipment and Inventory Organization Tips

I’ll admit it; I love the opportunity to organize and inventory the equipment room. I really do. An organized space helps set me up...
Student batting ball on tee

How to Hit a Home Run Teaching Softball

THIS OR THAT? Which game will students get the most out of? As a former collegiate softball athlete and head high school coach you would...
Curriculum organization example

Curriculum Organization Tips for Physical Education

Purposeful planning, organizing, and reflection are key components to quality teaching. I’m always asking myself: How can I be more mindful in enhancing the...

10 Favorite Coated-Foam Ball Ideas and Activities

Just picture it... you receive an equipment order and go to open the box. In it is a package of shiny, new Rainbow® Set...
Pedometer for Tracking MVPA

Enhance PE Best Practices with Pedometers

If you ever have the chance to attend a workshop featuring high school physical education teacher Maria Corte, you need to do so. She...

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