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Jo is a Physical Education Teacher and Department Chair at Lesher IB World Middle School in Fort Collins, CO. She is also a member of the Physical Education Cadre Team for the Colorado Department of Education. She was the 2005 Central District Middle School PE Teacher of the Year and the 2004 Missouri Middle School PE Teacher of the Year.

Instant Activities You Can Implement ASAP

When you get students moving right away, the learning (and hopefully sweating) begins right away. Consider using instant activities! An instant activity consists of having...
Parkour sign for Teaching Parkour

Parkour in Physical Education

Teaching parkour is a great way to get students active with their surroundings inside or outside, and to get them excited about taking safe...
Adaptive PE Mentoring Program Group Photo

Adaptive Physical Education Mentoring Program

Are you considering staring an Adaptive PE Mentoring Program?  What are you waiting for?  It's so worth it! Your PE activities and curriculum can...
SHAPE PE National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education

What Students Should Learn in PE

SHAPE America's PE National Standards define what a student should know and be able to do. States and local school districts use these standards...
Fitness Testing Tool

Show Students the Value of Fitness Testing

How do you present fitness testing to your students? Are you solely outlining the tests and the steps to complete them? Or are you explaining the...
Spikeball Instructional Chart

Serve, Set, and Smash with Spikeball!

Taking the newest and hippest recreational sport into Physical Education class with learning targets, assessment, and FUN! If volleyball and foursquare had a baby -...
Students performing yoga - teaching yoga in PE

Teaching Yoga in Middle School

The thought of teaching yoga to my “middles” (middle school students) was a bit frightening.  However, I knew the benefits would far outweigh the...

Help Students Find Value in Physical Education

The first step in reaching our ultimate goal of mastering learning outcomes for students is to be clear in our daily learning targets and...

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