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Michael is a Physical Education Specialist at Fairview Charter School in Milwaukee, WI. He was the Wisconsin Health and PE JRFH/HFH Coordinator of the Year in 2015 and Wisconsin Health and PE Elementary PE Teacher of the Year in 2013.
Floor hockey games

5 Skill-Based Floor Hockey Games

Floor hockey is a fun and active sport that’s also great for physical education! Below, I’ve compiled 6 floor hockey games that I love...

6 Engaging Scooter Games for PE

Let’s all think back to when we had Physical Education in Elementary school. Do you remember wondering what you were going to do for...
Fidget Spinner PE Spin Boards

Outside the Box Fitness Station Ideas

When you think of fitness station ideas, you likely think of stations involving a piece of fitness equipment, like dumbbells, jump ropes, resistance bands,...

P.E. Activities with Cones, Hoops, and Poly Spots

Every Physical Education teacher has equipment that they use on a daily basis. Whether they are teaching indoors, outdoors, or in an alternative space or...

Action Packed Coated-Foam Ball Activities for PE

Are you tired of playing the same coated-foam ball activities year after year? If your answer is “YES!”, then this is the blog you...
Hula Hoops for PE Activity Ideas

P.E. and Fitness Ideas with Hoops and Cones

Are you in need of new PE activity ideas using equipment staples like cones and hoops? Look no further than these fun and simple ideas! Fitness...
Students dancing to instant activity songs

15 Instant Activity Songs for Elementary PE

One of my favorite parts of developing a quality physical education lesson is creating and researching quality ASAPs (aka Instant Activities) to begin my...
Kids sitting on floor with hands raised

Student-Led Instant Activities for Physical Education

I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for ways to increase my students MVPA (Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity) time. Since my...
The First Six Minutes - Physical Education Books

PE Resources – The Books You Can’t Live Without

When I first started teaching Physical Education over 17 years ago, the only way to find new ideas, games, and activities for lesson planning...
Voxer in PE

Voxer: Instant PE Professional Development & Collaboration

What is Voxer? Well simply put, it’s a walkie talkie app that lets you talk to anyone, anytime. All you need is the app, which...

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