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Peter is the Director of Athletics at Milford Public Schools in Milford, MA. Previously he was the Elementary Principal & K-12 Wellness Coordinator in Canton, MA and was the Massachusetts K-12 Wellness Director of the Year in 2011-2012.
Ultimate Frisbee for recreational activities

Recreational Disc Activities for Physical Education

One of my favorite components of being a wellness and PE teacher is the opportunity to encourage and inspire different components of the “Wellness...

Favorite Flag Games for Physical Education

I’m excited to share some of my favorite PE flag games! I’ll expand on 3 different categories of evolving Physical Education to offer you...
PE Teaching Space

Identifying Suitable PE Teaching Spaces

Physical Education and movement classes rely heavily on spatial parameters to teach effective and safe lessons.  Adequate PE teaching space is typically feast or...
Floor Hockey STicks

Floor Hockey Fundamentals, Fitness, and Fun!

Floor Hockey is one of our most popular units; the kids love to play it in the winter in the gym. At our school,...
Students playing badminton

Why You Should Teach Badminton in PE

Badminton is a fun and fantastic backyard game and a fan favorite in your Wellness and Physical Education curriculum.  What’s even better is that...
Teen doing pull up

5 Fitness Training and Conditioning Tips [Video]

One question that always seems to pop up is, “What’s the best way for me to get back into shape?” or “How do I...
Fitness Club

Tips for Starting a Fitness Club at Your School

Reach and teach the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle to more students at your school by starting a fitness club. Continue reading...
NitroBall middle school physical education game

Physical Education Games [Middle School]

Teaching any subject,including physical education, in middle school can be challenging, but it can also be exciting!  During my teaching years, I found middle school...

5 Tips for Effective P.E. Class Management

Hello fellow PE, Fitness & Wellness Teachers, or aspiring movement instructors! As a PE Teacher of 20+ years who evolved into administration as a...

3 Types of Adventure Programming for P.E.

Physical Education and Wellness classes have come a long, long way in the 21st Century.  Gone are the “Friday Dodgeball” bashes from the 1970s-80s...

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