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Shannon is a PreK-8 Physical Education Teacher, Coach and Athletic Director in Fort Worth, TX. She is an experienced Presenter and the winner of the Best Activity in America Contest in 2010.

Using the Apple Watch and Smartphone Apps for PE Success!

Technology in PE has come a long way since I first started teaching. I thought I was pretty hot stuff to have graduated college...
PINdemonium disc game

PINdemonium & Flyer Bowl Disc Games for PE [Video]

All through my college education, if I wasn’t in class, I was on the field playing Ultimate Frisbee. Sometimes I even stayed on the...

Managing PE Space: General vs. Personal Space

Effectively managing PE space is an extremely important factor in a successful program. General space is the space within our boundaries. It can be...

10 Tips for a Successful School Year

Back to school season is right around the corner! Get ready with these 10 back to school tips for a successful school year, including...
Slide Board Activities

5 PE Fitness Stations with Slide Boards [Video]

Slide boards are a great addition to physical education fitness stations! Transform classic fitness exercises like mountain climbers, bridge hold/hamstring curl, front lunges, side lunges,...

3 Coated-Foam Ball Activities for Elementary PE (Video)

As a presenter and mentor to other Physical Educators, I am often asked about equipment and what my favorites are. While I have many,...
Students exercising for PE Fitness Stations

Fitness Station Rotation for Elementary PE

Have you ever had a class that just doesn't understand how to rotate when doing PE fitness stations? You say “rotate”, and it's like...
Fundraiser Tickets - Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Idea: Action Auction Parties

Are you tired of your school's same old fundraising ideas? Are you wanting to incorporate physical activity into these fundraisers? Well I have the...
Students playing PE activities

No More Draggin’ with Drag’N Tails!

Are you looking for the next big PE activities product?  Searching for equipment that is new, innovative and exciting? What that awesome energy that gets...
3 Students Taking picture during field day activities

5 DIY Projects for the Best Field Day Ever!

Are your students bored with the same field day activities year after year? Bring excitement back to field day with 5 DIY projects for the...

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