Students playing with cage ball outside

How to Properly Inflate a Cage Ball [Video]

Cage Balls are perfect for large-group activities and FUN in physical education! To make sure you get the most out of your cage ball,...
Hoop Disc Targets

Target-Based Disc Games & Tips for Physical Education

Target-based disc (Frisbee) games are great lifetime, recreational activities. From the backyard to any park, picnic, family reunion, or college campus, this simple piece...
PINdemonium disc game

PINdemonium & Flyer Bowl Disc Games for PE [Video]

All through my college education, if I wasn’t in class, I was on the field playing Ultimate Frisbee. Sometimes I even stayed on the...
Disc Jammers for Introducing Disc Games in PE

Tips for Introducing Disc Games in PE

Growing up in a small rural community in Oklahoma, I remember exploring, playing, and being blessed to have a father that set up the...
Flag belt for flag games

Flag Games and Activities for Physical Education

Do you have a bunch of flag football belts in your PE closet that you’d like to use more often? I’ve got just the...
Physical Education Teaching Space

From Storage to Layout, Make the Most of Your #PhysEd Space

Ok, let’s face it…organizing your storage & teaching space isn’t the most glamorous of tasks.  You’d rather be searching for that great new activity...
Equipment Organization Tips

10 Equipment and Inventory Organization Tips

I’ll admit it; I love the opportunity to organize and inventory the equipment room. I really do. An organized space helps set me up...
Mat Game Ideas

Mat Mayhem: P.E. Game Ideas with Mats

Almost all elementary P.E. teachers have gymnastic mats in their storage closets, but do they get used for any activities other than a gymnastics...
Students playing tchoukball

Refine Sport Skills with Tchoukball & Sabakiball

Speed, agility, strategy, teamwork, and hand-eye coordination are all keep skills for almost all traditional American sports. Tchoukball and sabakiball help students refine these...

P.E. Activities with Cones, Hoops, and Poly Spots

Every Physical Education teacher has equipment that they use on a daily basis. Whether they are teaching indoors, outdoors, or in an alternative space or...

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