Rainy-Day Activities to Keep Students Moving

There are some days that you're left without your gymnasium or field, so how can you keep students moving when physical education is moved...
Deck of Cards for Fitness Card Activities

Luck of the Draw: Endless Card Activities Suit’able for All Ages

Are you tight on space? Do you need a task to keep students moving while waiting to play? Need an idea for classroom teachers...

Integrate Brain Breaks at Your School with Technology!

As the evidence supporting the integration of physical activity grows, movements such as Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs (CSPAPs) are becoming mainstream. With this, the role...
Fuel up to play 60 sign - School Wide Wellness

Fuel Up to Play 60: Promoting School-Wide Wellness

Have you heard of Fuel Up to Play 60?! Wondering how it can promote school wide wellness? Find out more about the program and how...
Student raising hand - Increasing student motivation

Great Tips for Increasing Student Motivation and Attentiveness!

I believe that all successful businesses, and school systems, are always looking for ways to be creative and improve their business or organization.  Great...
Children Playing outside at Recess


The ever increasing pressure to cram more instructional time into the school day in an attempt to boost test scores has put the squeeze...
Aaron Beighle

Active and Healthy Schools (AHS)

Looking for ways to maximize the amount of physical activity your students are receiving throughout the school day?             ...

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