SHAPE America Convention mini session

2018 #SHAPENashville PE Expert Presentations [Video]

Physical Education Experts, Dr. Robert Pangrazi, Aaron Beighle, Jessica Shawley, and Chris Nichols shared their teaching tips, game and activity ideas, and more at...

Maximizing Space for Maximum Participation

As class sizes increase and facility space stays constant or is reduced, how can you utilize every space available?  This is a question a...

Managing PE Space: General vs. Personal Space

Effectively managing PE space is an extremely important factor in a successful program. General space is the space within our boundaries. It can be...
Physical Education Teaching Space

From Storage to Layout, Make the Most of Your #PhysEd Space

Ok, let’s face it…organizing your storage & teaching space isn’t the most glamorous of tasks.  You’d rather be searching for that great new activity...
PE Teaching Space

Identifying Suitable PE Teaching Spaces

Physical Education and movement classes rely heavily on spatial parameters to teach effective and safe lessons.  Adequate PE teaching space is typically feast or...
Students using technology during Strategy Sideline

3 Smart Tips for Space Management: Organizing a Versatile Learning Environment

Being able to organize my learning environment effectively helps lessons run more efficiently. An important part of this is being able to organize the...
AHS Classroom Activities Cards

No Phys. Ed Space? No Problem!

Throughout my career, I have encountered various issues that required adaptation.  A 1954 gym with no air conditioning, lack of storage space, and even...
The First Six Minutes - Physical Education Books

PE Resources – The Books You Can’t Live Without

When I first started teaching Physical Education over 17 years ago, the only way to find new ideas, games, and activities for lesson planning...
Teaching physical education like everyone is watching

Teach like Everyone is Watching

While teaching physical education in Lake Bluff, Illinois, I had the opportunity to teach in a one hundred year old facility that housed 250...

The Under Construction Mindset: Home is Where the Heart Is

A recent five-month delay in gymnasium renovations tested my level of grit, flexibility, and creativity, as our department was relocated and divided between several...

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